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noticed my toe looking somewhat yellowish... not as bad as I have seen in other peoples toe but enought to be embarrassing. shined a laser level light (stanley) at it every nigth for a week and the nail that grew at that point was clear and normal

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laser makes sense, I was thinking of buying infrared lamp, but have already wasted a lot of money on curanail etc. am now trying regular soaking + scrubbing (with nail brush) + clipping
and filing. soaking in hot water with Detol. 3rd soak is already showing signs of clearing up both big nails.
whilst soaking, am also intermitantly applying neat detol and leaving for several minutes before replacing in soapy water. good luck


I have been fighting for exactly 2 years. I started out soaking in vinegar and there was improvement for awhile and then it was just at the inside corner, but wouldn't get better so I switched to bleach water. It got worse, so I tried Fungicure. No improvement. I was playing with my cat's with a laser pointer and felt a sensation when it was on my toes. I wondered if it would help or make it worse, so I didn't try it again. So now I will and let all know.


Is that the low intensity red laser and how long do you point it to the infected area?


Really? You didn;t have access to a light saber??


where do you get a laser or how do you make one?

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