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Ive had the worst tooth pain for the past few weeks now. Of course I recently moved, and didnt have health insurance, that wont kick in for another 2 weeks! A few pointers Ive noticed is, DO NOT drink or eat anything acidic. I just wasnt thinking and drank orange juice, and it was horrible! My pain is very sensitive to cold, so I stay away from ice cream and other cold things. When my pain 'attacks' me it literally feels like I get kicked in the face by a horse, and I even get a little disoriented. I immediately rinse with WARM salt water, the warmth also draws out any infection...and dab some extra strength orajel, and sometimes hold a hot rag on the outside of my cheek. I try not to chew on that side of my mouth as well, incase I eat anything that may irritate it, that I havent discovered yet!

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Sounds like you need a root canal. I have had more than my share of them an I had pain just like yours ...

Tori Allen

I also need to see the dentist cause she to me that it will be sensitive and it is and plus while i was in the chair and she was drilling i did feel like it was right where my nerves are so i think i am gonna have to get another root canal which is a pain in the but.

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