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Just mix 1/2 Olive oil or vegtable oil and 1/2 Kerosene or Kerosine. Comb mixture through hair. Dead nits and bugs all come out, then wash as regular. Repeat in one week to kill any bugs that came from your bedding or house and they will be gone forever!! It's a miracle and only $5 a gallon at Lowes Home improvement. It only takes about 1/2 an hour to be bug free!!!!!

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I have heard that kerosine works well to remove headlice. I for one have never tried it, while mentioning to my firefighter husband that i might try that to get rid of our 5 month struggle with lice. He told me a story of a mother with two little girls that tried this method. after putting the kerosine on her daughters hair. she left them in the bathroom while she did some more cleaning.She had left the heaters on in the house(you guessed it gas heaters) The one in the bathroom was on as well. and one of the girls got to close to it and boom! It caught both of the girls on fire. I know this isnt something that people would think would happen to them, but why take a chance on your childrens lives. I think it is safer to stick to safer methods of eliminating these pesty bugs.


there was once a time i battled for a year and pure kerosene worked like a charm with no combing, but i wouldn't use it now that i am nursing.


It's too dangerous. Call your nearest children's hospital and ask them what they think of this method!!!

Do research before posting please.

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