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Drink lots of liquids to flush out your system. Water is best. To avoid stomach aches (which I used to get monthly):
1. avoid non-pasteurized drinks - especially 'fresh squeezed orange juice' off the supermarket shelf.
2. don't eat out so often or at places that are not so hygenic.
3. eat well cooked food.
My theory is that most stomach aches are caused by food with bugs (microorganisms) in them.
Also try yougurt which has live cultures that destroy the bad microorganisms.

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Cool, This actually works, just drink down a whole glass of water. Had trouble doing it though, you lose your appetite when you have a stomach ache >_<


Yougurt works wonders! I had 3 in the past 5 minutes and my stomach is easing down. Ive had a stomachache for 3 days know and im wondering if its mroe then an ache =S Anyways, The Yougurt is paying off at least for the time being.


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