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I had a boil (abscess) on my breast that grew to the size of a golf ball. I tried EVERYTHING for one week (ichtammol ointment, epsom salt, turmeric spice and turmeric bills, tea tree oil, vagicaine, bacitracin ointment and spray...yes EVERYTHING). Long story short...none of it worked. The boil never came to a head and it started to hurt really bad. I was at the end of my rope after a week and went to the emergency room to have it lanced. Ten minutes later, it was drained and packed and I was on my way home with antibiotics and pain killers. Don't try it at home. WIth all of stuff that came out (and is still draining out), it had to be cut open to get all of that crap out and I trust the doctors not me. Be careful...its staph infection and you only have one life. Don't mess around with it if you have another option. I was afraid of going to the doctor but ultimately I had no choice cause the home remedies didn't work. I spent a small fortune for all of this crap to no avail. If in doubt, go to the emergency room.

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Rob C.

Last time I went to the emergency room the price was $2,230. This was for interveinous antibiotics and fluids. Not surgery. I would definitely talk to a doctor first, or seek 'urgent' care before a real emergency room.


Estimated cost of a handful of ointments, herbs, oils, salts, etc. $79-$99.

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