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I just wanted to thank all of you who posted remedies that worked in treating psoriasis. (I have it on the bottom of my feet, knees, elbows and fingers.) After reading through the posts, I found that Vit.D seemed to be a common theme. I did some further research into it, and eventually decided to increase my Vit. D intake and add zinc also. I also didnt want to use a steroid, so I decided to try my own remedy. In addition to the Vit.D and zinc, every evening, I soak my hands ( because they are the worst) in epsome salt for 15 min to 1/2 hour. Then I use Cetaphil cream and rub on all psoriasis affected areas generously. It is working!! It has reduced alot! I am really grateful. Thank you all very much!!

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hi janet instead of cetaphil cream try castor oil or olive oil. cetaphil cream although its used for 'p' is very toxic to your body. one of the causes of 'p'. the 2nd main ingredient is petrolatum (mineral oil) which is illegal to use in europe because it contain too many impurities is a by product of crude oil. it contains parabens which alter your hormones levels dangerous if your preganent. it contains propylene glycol and sodium laureth (sodium laural sulfate) alters your skin structure allowing other toxins to penetrate skin and reach your bloodstream overloading your immune system and making your 'p' worse. if you do the 'p' diet reduce your sugar intake. you won't even need to use any moisturizers. good luck

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