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Look I kno how much a toothache can mess up you or your loved ones night,my wife was crying like crazy from the pain,and nothing is remedies,no painkillers, so seeing my wife in agony I just tried rubbing her back to console her,and it was working,so I started kissing her all over,just trying to take her mind off the pain,lets just say that led to other things,and now shes sleeping like a try going down on your girl or guy it will take their mind away from the pain,at least until you can see a dentist.

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Scientifically is TRUE! for all other worries as well, nature has its own remedies for us humans beings and I agree with this kind of Pain 'therapy'
There's nothing wrong about this.
Just try it with your wife or husband


damn... no boyfriend here! :(


I just read in a medical articular that an orgasm can help with a headache. Said it doesn't matter if it's from a partner or self induced as long as you reach that climax.


my husband has a really bad toothache. Im reading the home remedies to him, guess whitch one he wants to try first?


hey it's true i was in horrible pain this morning even after taking a vicodin which only eased the pain some i masturbated and felt much better.... i might have to try this again if this pain wont go away ;)

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