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Look I kno how much a toothache can mess up you or your loved ones night,my wife was crying like crazy from the pain,and nothing is remedies,no painkillers, so seeing my wife in agony I just tried rubbing her back to console her,and it was working,so I started kissing her all over,just trying to take her mind off the pain,lets just say that led to other things,and now shes sleeping like a try going down on your girl or guy it will take their mind away from the pain,at least until you can see a dentist.

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An orgasm can be the BEST pain relief!


thats funny you say that. i eat advil like candy no help, ice to my cheak mild relif, oraljel useless. but my boyfriend. after getting laid once while my teeth hurt it stopped completely for an hour afterwards! last night in tears from the pain with few hours left to try to get some sleep my boyfriend spoke up and said i can be your pain killer. I was out like a light afterwards! only thing is the pain was back this morning


is that a stupid answer


what the hell..... none off ur sh***** works


No, it's true. It works for migraines too.


So can i come over to see your wife i got a pain in my tooth we will see if it works or not


Oh wow..... I'm sitting here with an awful pain in my mouth but it has now been joined with a big smile on my face LOL! Think I will go ask hubby if he will be my painkiller LOL! Don't know if it will work or not but that is one remedy I don't mind trying!


i need to see my lady and try this method i just hope it works cause i have horrible tooth pain


Hey sex as a pain killer yes yes yes my husband is Hurting and this method always works for us keep in mind for stress lol have fun

Dr. D

It actually will work and the reason behind this information is the brain cells are released during intercourse which causes a numbing like feling good for emotion and other feelings.

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