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on your side

All good advice... remember that you may have reoccuring BV due to the fact that if you are having sex, your sex partner may be of a different PH balance than you. Doesnt mean there is anything wrong with either of you just you have different levels. That being said, this can cause your body to reaact and get a reoccuring condition. I have Lupus, which is a autoimmune disorder, along with the yeast infections. None of it fun, and all plays havoc on my system. I think a lot of it all ties into yeast infection and how it messes with our system. Hang in there.

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omg i have lupus too and i have been suffering !!! Im so glad i found this website !!


Although i do not have lupus, i am immunosuppressed from meds i must take (or die)! That is why I am so leery of some of the OTC supplements for 'immune health'. please post for me what u r taking that is helping w/o interfering w/ immunotherapy meds.

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