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Mayo and Denorex DOES work. The trick is to do repeat treatments. Coat the entire head with a thick layer of mayo, making sure that every hair and the entire scalp are coated. Section hair and work from scalp to ends to ensure complete coverage. wrap 2-3 layers of plastic (I've done showercaps, plastic grocery bags, and saran wrap. All three work- the idea is to prevent mayo from leaking and provide an airtight cover.) Using 3' thick heavy masking tape helps keep the plastic in place. Leave mayo wrap on overnight, or at least 8 hours. Rinse mayo (dishsoap helps take the greasy residue from the mayo out,) then wash hair with a thick helping of Extra Strength Denorex shampoo. Leave shampoo on for 3 minutes, then rinse. Any conditioner with coconut works- I bought a 24 oz bottle of Suave with coconut for $2.00 and it worked fine. Rinse, dry, then section hair and work out any nits left in. The older nits will have been killed due to lack of oxygen, however new nits can survive the treatment because they do not need oxygen the first few days to survive. I've read that vinegar helps loosen the nit glue, helping them slide out with ease, however I found the vinegar to be completely useless, other than making the hair smell even worse. Again, THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS REPEAT TREATMENTS!! I did 3 treatments, each 3 days apart and my daughter is now lice free. I spent under $20 for everything- an 80 oz bottle of mayo (real mayo-not light, or Miracle Whip) a 12 oz bottle of Extra Strength Denorex, and a bottle of Suave with Coconut. The most expensive item was the Denorex. Don't forget to wash sheets, blankets, towels, clothing, etc. as doing this treatment will not repel lice from returning, as the medications do. If your child comes back into contact with an infested child/object the lice will return. By washing all washable items or putting away in plastic bags for 2 weeks, and restricting interaction with any possible contaminated person you will have a much better chance of staying free of these annoying bugs!

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It was 11:00 at night and my son was in his bedroom when I saw him scratching his head with intensity. I asked him to sit by me and as I parted his hair, I saw that he was infested with lice!! I immediately showered him and didn't know what to do because the stores were closed. My husband went on-line and read your comment about mayonnaise.. It sounded a little crazy, but I was desperate!! I actually used salad dressing and parted his hair as I put salad dressing on it (similar to the way you would dye your roots). I placed a plastic grocery bag on head and tied a knot at the back of the bag by his neck. He slept like this and the next morning, I washed it off and used Ajax Grapejuice Dishwashing soap to remove the grease. Then I shampooed him with shampoo (Head and Shoulders) and Suave coconut conditioner--I noticed the difference immediately. I have done two treatment so far also 2 or 3 days apart. I don't think another will be necessary, but I will keep a watchful eye.

Forgot to mention my 9 year old also had lice not as much, but both of my boys have shoulder long hair.

Thanks for your advice, it was a life saver.


Wow thanks alot I have five girls and to my horor they all were found to have lice at school! I paid about $21 for all of them to have the first treatment out of three and I can alredy see the diffrence :)..... right now they don't have a lot of blankets and pillows because they're all locked away for 2 weeks well thanks a VERY stressed mom....Hellen


Mayo didn't do anything for my daughter even after repeating this treatment. Denorex shampoo also had no results.


yeah,all you need is EXTRA STRENGTH DENOREX.. THEN PICK THE NITS OUT and use every other day..


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