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50 years!!! Yes, I had Plantar Warts for over 50 years. Sometimes they were painful. They had created a thick callous on the balls of my feet. Over the years I had tried many methods to remove them but with no success. My right foot was worse than the left. I started with the left foot just to see if Apple Cider Vinegar made a difference. I used a spray bottle of ACV and cotton makeup pads to apply a wet pad to the wart areas and covered the pads with duct tape. By about the fourth or fifth day it was easy to remove whole warts and very thick callous from my left foot. I continued to apply ACV and change the dressing morning and night for several more days. Due to my schedule I had to wait a month to start on the right foot. I have almost completed my right foot treatment with the same amazing results. Some of the calloused skin that I removed this morning was so thick that it was scary but there was beautiful new skin underneath and no bleeding! I know that because of the severity of my warts that I may need to do cleanup work over the next few weeks but I am so pleased and happy with the results! With the thick callous' gone I now have feeling on the bottoms of my feet.
I am telling everyone about my experience and even want medical doctors to know. This is truly a miracle cure. Thanks to everyone that submitted information. You convinced me to give it a try and now I am cured!

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How did you remove the warts after the 5 days? Did they peel off? Did you rub them off with a pumus stone?


The wart and callous had turned white. I started scraping around the edge of the wart with my thumbnail and it just lifted up and out easily leaving a dent. The main wart was about the size of a BB and hard and round. I peeled the thick callous off in pieces. Very gross! I completed my right foot. The callous was very thick. I don't know how many warts....maybe ten to twelve including both feet. It was hard to tell because of the callouses. I think they were caused by the warts. The new skin was tender for two or three days so I covered the area with a plain piece of duct tape. My right foot seemed to be a little swollen for a couple of days. Now both feet are great and feel so much better. I am watching them carefully to see if any warts may try to return. I know now that I have an answer. It still is amazing to me.

Hattie from SC

Had warts on the ball of each foot for 30 yrs. Tried everything. Started ACV remedy in April on left foot. Applied acv to small piece of cotton each night before bed for 3 days. Kept it secure with duct tape. Pain was extreme (like when you hit funny bone only concentrated into one spot). Be prepared. Take cotton off during day but keep covered. Then kept covered (no light, no air). Skin will turn white and just peeled off. Now August and still taping it and doing other foot. Hole in foot size of dime and deep. It feels better, looks better, but warts not gone yet. Will continue treatment and see if I get an early Christmas present this year !!! NO MORE WARTS ......


I have the same exact very thick callouses and warts! You have inspired me to try this remedy.... Do I spray the callous with the ACV as well? Did u wrap your whole foot in duct tape? My job requires me to be on my feet all day and I'm worried the tape won't stay..... Thanks for your advice!


Going to try this remedy today! do i wrap my whole foot with duct tape and leave it on for a few days? or do I keep rewrapping with a new soaked cotton ball and new tape?


I have never had these things before but I have to tell ya, My feet hurt so bad where these things are. I only have 2 on one foot and 1 on another, (on the ball of my feet). I'm going to try using the ACV treatment to see if it helps. I have to say that I'm a little leary about digging them out, so I'm hoping they just fall off.


My 15 yo DD came home from band camp with both feet in pain. It looked like she had a callus on the ball of each foot on the same place and each had a point and we figured it was from marching 16 hours a day for a week. It's been a month and they are still there. She's in a lot of pain. I don't know what to do and worried about ACv treatment if it hurts that badly plus I don't think I'd have the stomach to pull/cut the skin off-I'm very queasy with that stuff. Help!!! Nurse told us to apply clear nail polish and cover with duct tape-hasn't worked.

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