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Drink lots of water and Miralax. Keep hidrated. Place heat on back. Then place cold. Tylenol not ibuprofen. No pop whatsoever. No carbionated drinks. No cheese broccoli cauliflower or anything in that family of food. Get your rest.

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Why no cheese, broccolli or cauliflower?


Im in the throes of a fairly severe kidney infection right now. None of the natural remedies work sufficiently for me before it travels North from a UTI to a full blown pain/fever etc. So am on antibiotics but i vow this is absolutely the last time. I will use the many good remedies listed at the first twinge and go on an alkalising diet, no sugar, grains, teas/coffees etc until it clears. My Naturopath has given me a great remedy called Nettle Plus which include the following: Nettle, Dandelion, Dong Quai & Hibiscus with Blueberry, Alpha Lipoic Acid,& Grape Seed Extract

One important fact about hibiscus is that it apparently dislodges the bacteria that causes the infecton, which antibiotics won't do; which explains the number of reoccurrences of UTI's after antibiotics. So I will take these after the antibiotics with a powerful broad spectrum probiotic.

I have also heard that D-Mannose is good for UTIs and I didn't realise that you shouldn't have cabbage, broccoli etc. Im living on organic home vegetable soup for the past 4 days!


Miralax is diuretic ,will dehydrate you!you want to flush your kidneys not dry them out!

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