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Natural Remedy for Boils/Carbuncles -

Tried, tested & true:
- Cut/fold small piece of gauze to fit the boil
- Attach to a larger piece of surgical tape
- With a small knife, scrape the cut surface of an ONION to obtain onion juice
- Apply (saturate) onion juice & grated onion to the gauze
- Apply to boil daily following your shower and leave on all day
- Boil will burst on its own, usually in 2-4 days, depending on how deep it is.

1) Applying a hot compress for 15 minutes per day will aid drainage. You can do this prior to applying the onion. Use soft sterile gauze pads, not cloth towels - Cloth towels are too rough and you don't want boil drainage on your cloth towels.

2) Do not squeeze - You risk rupturing the boil internally into your bloodstream. You can GENTLY push down around the boil to draw out impurities once it's draining.

3) Keep applying onion juice daily until the boil is gone. May take up to 2 weeks.

4) Vitamins & minerals DO NOT prevent boils. I've taken vitamins & minerals daily for over 50 years and still got a boil. You can take Garlic and/or Wild Oregano Oil to prevent infection while treating a boil.

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That also works with potatoes...

J. E. A.

Okay, so here's what I did to fix my 'armpit boil' with a WHITE ONION & TEA TREE OIL.

1. Sliced a 1/4in of WHITE ONION
2. Wrapped in a gauze pad in 1 direction
3. Re-wrapped in opposite direction
4. Drenched in warm water squeezing out excess
5. Held under armpit for 3hrs (then discard gauze & onion)
6. Applied TEA TREE OIL *on & around boil* exposed to air for 3hrs
7. Washed rinsed w/ *warm soapy water*
8. Repeated steps 1-7

NOW SQUEEZE gently! :)


I had my 13th Boils on my armpit.
Since April 2012 till Nov 2012
What The!!

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