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Ive been having blinding tooth pain for a month. I tried garlic powder, worked one time, ibuprofen, works mildly, saltwater, temporarily works, alcohol, numbs it as long as you keep drinking, peroxide, didnt work. Red cross toothache relief worked for a couple hours. Mentos mints were the only thing keepin me goin. Got tired of poppin em i ordered fish amoxicillin. Post office delivered it, but it never arrived at my house. I think my neighbors stole it, anyway i didnt feel like paying for it again so i searched for something that i didnt try yet... I found halls honey lemon cough drops. Poppes one in and sucked for awhile. Next thing you know my mouth was numb was a few hours. I popped another in before bed and broke it inside my. mouth. I finally slept a whole night. Did the same the next night. Didnt get up once. Before this i was getting up four or five times a night like a damn zombie moaning and eventually balling like a baby. Pop a cough drop every three or four hours and it might get you through. My tooth also seems to act up when its not saturated so eat and drink normally if your having the same issue. This pain is terrible so please try cough drops and what others suggested. I'm sorry if it doesnt work out.

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Oh my god!!!!! I have been suffering with atoothache forwhat seemed like an eternity. I tried my husbands kanker soar liquid medicine it completely numbed my tooth for 4 hours. It is KANKA and its professional strength.

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