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One thing which worked well for me is boiling neem leaf and drinking it. It stops irregular bleeding as well as excessive bleeding P.S Don't go taking any herbal supplements if you're going to do this. You can also visit discover neem to see the different uses. It worked just perfectly for me ;) Good luck.

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Hi can u tell me whr I can buy the neem leaf pls I really need sumthing that can help pls.


My doctor prescribed me Lysteda for my heavy cycles. You take 2 pills every 8 hours for 5 days. A lot of pills I know, & they're big but it reduces the bleeding drastically.


It works so well because neem is a natural contraceptive, and too much of it in your system can prove to be potentially fatal. You should take great care when ingesting neem products.


Is there a limitation on the no of times that it can be taken during the day. I'm bleeding for the last 40 days & no medicines seem to work. Last few days it has become too erratic as well.

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