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Ok I have tried over the counter stuff and they r temporary relievers but what I found that works is to take a needle and scratch the blisters and then dab bleach on the poison ivy. (dab do not rub) Then after the bleach dries put some over the counter stuff on it like ivarest or ivy dry or caladryl. That stuff will act as a thin almost skin-like barrier and help the bleach dry out the blisters. It takes about 12 hrs before you start to see results and continue 2 times daily and it should be gone in about 2 to 3 days.

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Yes I do the same thing. Bleach kills it and stops the spreading.


I discovered the bleach cure several years ago when I had a case of ring worm I could not get rid of. I had tried every over the counter product I could find and it kept coming back and I thought about bleach. It kills everything else so why not the ring worm? It worked on the ring worm, poison ivy and other rashes.


i have been showering with straight bleach then putting putting it all over the area before bed and it just keeps spreading!! the very first time i used bleach it was cured the next day but since then every time i use it it seams to have no effect at all

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