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Okay, so Im in the middle of my first yeast infection ever. I'm so embarrasses, and fed up. Im itchy and it burns. I read that if you soak a rag in a bowl full of hot water and salt and use the rag, you feel better in 10 minuets or so. However I want relief quick. So I ran a rag under warm water, and then poured salt on the rag. I think holding the salt directly worked quick to relieve symptoms. Now if anyone has something that will get rid of this quick and easy(without garlic) please help! Thank you so much.

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Honey diluted in very warm water, helps with the itching as well. Water as warm as you can stand and about a table spoon of honey in a sitz bath, 5 minutes works wonderfully well. Very soothing


I used dry white rice bc rice is ideal for ridding moisture when its dry don't know how long it will last bc i just tried it but i feel nothing:)

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