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I've had a bad toothache for a couple of weeks now. Saw the emergency dentist on friday and he said I had a hole in my wisdom tooth. And needed it taken out. I'm still thinking about it. I've been taking Ibroprofen. I get the cheap ones(I'm in the UK) and get them from Wilkinsons. Paracetomol wasn't recomended. And I'm not allowed Asprin, anyway heard Paracetomol works better. My mum told me to take a Paracetomol and either Soldapol or co codromol(misspelled) takes the pain away. Am trying to Cayenne pepper method right now. And not feeling it working, I have clove oil but that stopped working for me. Does anyone have any more remedies? I have spices in my cupboard. And need help til Wednesday(my appointment with dentist). And need to know about teeth removal, kinda scared of that.


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Had a serious tooth ache. dissolved 4 aspirin in warm with a tea spoon of salt and rinsed several times. seemed to help immensely


salt,pepper,and cooking oil. mix till is like paste then dip a piece of tissue in the paste and put between tooth that hurts worked like a charm wouldnt try anything else

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