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Sad that very few on here have done any research on Aids except maybe the raw food immune boosting and Aids is man made comments, which are all pieces of the puzzle. And yes even behavior matters but not in the way that gaybasher thought. Poppers anf otjet recteational drugs plus extreme prolonged acts such as excessive fisting or anal penetration can disrupt anal and digestive flora. Ass sex is not the enemy any more than vaginal sex is, please just treat your body as sacred. Look up Aids and intestinal dysbosis! Aids is telated to immune comprpmise specifically the immunity of the digestive system. TAKE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF REAL PROBIOTICS PREFETABLY KEFIR WHICH HAS 500 billion live cultures and is aljaline, if using Goat kefir. Keep your body alkaline. Research the antivirals and HAARP. THEY could be causing more damage. Do the research plug in antivirals Aids danger etc... Yoy can beat this ! Its been proven. The only teadon azt worked briefly then killef everyone becauae it was anrifungal and killed the molds and bacteria at first in the intestine killing candida and thrush eyc. Do it naturally! If u eat the standatd american diet you wont get thru this. Change is calling you please see the light I have been an Aids volunteer for twenty five years and recovering from modern medicine and chronic illness myself.

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