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I read every single remedy for AC on this site. I had very sever split on the corner of my mouth. I have had this before. I usually get it in the summer...not sure why. This time it was only on one side. Usually when I see it coming I can put it at bay by quickly rubbing some anti fungus cream on it. This time it got away from me. It just seemed to be getting worse and split deeper. In the morning I would have caked yellow scabs on it. YUCK. So, I tried all of these things in this order:

First I started with the usual antifungal cream....Did this for a few change.

Next I tried the alcohol and apple cider vinegar. Then I'd coat it heavily with A&D cream. Did this for a few days....No change

Then I started taking a GNC women's iron supplement. They were expired from 2009....but took them anyway. One a day. It also has the B's and the folic acid....Started to see SOME change...

Next I did the dish washing soap. I would RUB in the soup and it would sting like a &#$#&, but I knew no guts no glory...I would then load it up with the anti fungal cream called Lotramin and then load on the carmex. Started to improve by the end of the day. I repeated this process after eating or when I felt like it was feeling tight. Changing for the better.

That same night I did the whole process above and then covered the split with a bandaid before I went to sleep. (My kids and my husband think I'm crazy).

The first morning it was A LOT better but still split. It was less red and the crusty bits were not there anymore. It was starting to close up and heal.

Repeated the whole thing the next day. Again slept with the bandaid. Woke up and it was even better. The split was much smaller and it wasn't splitting when I opened my mouth. ALMOST all better!!

I think one more night of this all and it will be gone.

So in closing, I say maybe all of it helped but really it was the dish washing soap that really did the trick...That and the bandaid at night. Plus, the vitamins.

Thank you everyone for posting your remedies.

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Thanks for the rem's to help out. The AC is ruining my life so thanks to all


After reading your treatment of washimg with a anti-bacterial dish soap (I assumed that was what you used) it made sense. I used Dawn dish soap, patted dry with a paper towel. Applied Polysporin (that is what was all I had) and went to bed. In the morning the reddness and the swelling in my upper lip was better. I repeated it in the morning but now going to get the vitamins and Lotramin. Thank you for this tip.


what type of luquid dishwashing soup?

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