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kerosene put it n the hair for about 1 hr wash it outdoors of course kills lice and eggs first time u dont even have to comb thru hair the eggs will fall off with in days wear old clothes and stay outside the entire process

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No one should be putting Kerosene on their child's head. That is inhumane.


Are you retarded? Lice shampoo would be better than that.


This was done on me as a child after several lice treatments failed. It did absolutely work. No lice after it was done. Of course, my grandfather did dump it all over my head including my eyes and mouth.


My young daughters seem to always have lice. I've tried all the cream All the shampoo products. I turned to Kerosene. I I carefully pour it on there hair, rub it in, let sit about 5 mins. & wash it out. adults & eggs gone.


It worked for my little girl but it burned her head-or so she said. But there was no evidence of any irritation. Nits and eggs gone!!!


I wouldn't use kerosene due to the increased risk of their hair catching fire by accident.


It was used on me as a child as well and I don't remember it burning or anything, and I remember it worked...


A dad of a girl I knew did that and wasnt paying attention to a gasline. needless to say she caught on fire and had 3rd degree burns on most of her body. notworth it


i have alao used kerosene as a lice treatment and has always worked for my child. i mix it to a half or 3/4 full bottle of regular hair condtioner to easy any irratation. i use the whole bottle cause she has really long hair. wait bout 10 min and wash out- problem solved.


kerosene may kill lice and nits but is so harmful to a human. Remember, anything you put on your skin goes into your body! terrible toxin to be in your child's system!

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