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I have 2 broken wisdom teeth and a broken back molar, and I mean broken badly, down to the gum in one case, and I found that Colgate's Orabase analgesic paste did exactly what I needed it to, even though its technically for mouth sores.

Make sure you get the paste, not the gel, and apply a LOT directly to the tooth and the surrounding gum with a clean finger, q-tips work but I found the finger easier. If possible, fill and cover the entire tooth. Hope this helped, and good luck with your tooth!

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right on i tried the orabase by colgate and it is right on the money baby ,the paste stays right on the exact spot that it is placed,then it fills it right in and works for a long time,the only problem is it that you cannot find this stuff everywhere but good luck to all that try this cause it really works!

tina roston

about 9 out of 10 times when you have a toothache you will find that there is food particles left in your teeth after eating something be sure to remove all food particles from your teeth then apply the colgate orabase works every time! this will work for sure

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