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I used a combo of most....i mixed salt baking soda and apple cidar vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle... sprayed my pup with this solution in the tub...left it on 10 min...rinsed and washed with dawn liquid dish soap and he is flea free...he has been outside and comes in flea free:).....

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Hi can you please send me this recipe? my dog seems to be very allergic to fleas and nothing we have tried is taking them away. I would be very greatful if it works thanks! please email (:


please send the correct amounts to thanks


WOW Can you please send it to me to. Must be some good stuff. Thanks


Would love to have this recipe. Please, would someone send it to me? Please!


Could you please send me this mixture,of how much of each. My dog is ittching so bad he has bald spots.Send it to thank you very much.


please i need this recipe like everyone else who posted the in advance


please send me the recipe.

Anonymous u please sent me the measurements for the mixture.


Please send me this recipe.... My poor dogs are suffering terribly!!

Greatly appreciated!!!


Can someone please send me recipe too? Thanks!!!

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