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I used a combo of most....i mixed salt baking soda and apple cidar vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle... sprayed my pup with this solution in the tub...left it on 10 min...rinsed and washed with dawn liquid dish soap and he is flea free...he has been outside and comes in flea free:).....

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Can you please email me the measurements as well. I would love to try this on my baby. Please email me at


I too will need this!!! MY POOR COCKER SPANIELS are miserable!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Aki Mitsui

hi. i would really appreciate if you can give me the recipe for the spray as well.



can someone please email this recipe to me poor little beagle is an inside dog and is having problems with fleas it to


I will be doing this tonight and I will state what measurements I use....I'm sure I'll find out if it works or not!!!!!!


please email me the recipe at


Please send me the recipe for this remedy. I have a dog and 2 cats that are being attacked by fleas no matter what I do. My email is


Please send the measurements to me!!! Thanks in advance!!


Hi i know many have asked for your recipe but can you please email me your recipe i would appreciate that a lot thanks


Would you please send the recipie to
We just got a puppy. She is 8 weeks and has fleas. All of the dips, drops collars and shampoos say that she sould be atleast 12 weeks before use. This would help alot!! Thanks

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