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I used a combo of most....i mixed salt baking soda and apple cidar vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle... sprayed my pup with this solution in the tub...left it on 10 min...rinsed and washed with dawn liquid dish soap and he is flea free...he has been outside and comes in flea free:).....

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My mom used to throw banana peels around the yard and sometimes even in the corners of the inside of the house. For some reason it runs the fleas away and it's biodegradable. Also you get to eat the yummy bananas first


The recipe (BELOW) worked safely and well to kill fleas, even on my 13 year old 5 lb. dog and cat, but it does NOT repel OTHER fleas from jumping on them. But it has been a blessing to have a safe and cheap formula to kill the fleas. The product I'd used for many years stopped working, (Advantage), and soon I had normal sized fleas on my 3 small dogs and one larger dog AND in my yard and house. BUT, they were EASY to kill with the following vinegar recipe (BELOW) on all my pets including my tiny, 13 year old poodle and my blind 13 year old cat. I sprayed the recipe on my little dog, and then immediately washed her with Dawn dish soap. Don't rinse the vinegar mixture off first. The vinegar spraying took about 5 minutes or so, and the lathering up with Dawn another 5 or 10 minutes. And that gave the entire process time to really do a number on the fleas. To keep the mixture from hurting my dog's eyes, I touched the nozzle of the spray bottle to her skin on the top of her head and gave a few squirts, being sure to keep her still, and her head back when spraying into her fur on the top of her head. You can then sort of move the mixture around on top of her head with your fingers to spread it a little. You can do the same with her muzzle and ears, (not the inside of ears too much) and make sure your dog is very still so it doesn't wiggle and you accidentally get the vinegar formula, (or dish soap) into the pets eyes. This formula worked great for my 13 year old cat too, who was covered with fleas and the water from sudsing and rinsing had a dark pink color as if the fleas had bitten her so badly. IN A SPRAY BOTTLE WITH LINES FOR MEASURING, I PUT: 10 OZ OF WATER, and 2 OZ OF APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, and 1 TEASPOON OF GRAPESEED OIL from the grocery store. I shook it up and the fleas started dying immediately after I started spraying my dog. After the Dawn dish soap shampoo, I rinsed very well, being careful not to scare the pet with putting rinse water on her nose. It's important to hold the dogs head back, the pets nose in the air, when using the vinegar spray, or when lathering up the dog with the dish soap and when rinsing. The dish soap or the vinegar recipe could hurt the dogs eyes obviously. Then I dried my dog with a thick towel and then wadded the towel up as it's likely to have several dead fleas in it, and put it into a plastic bag tied tightly. I then threw it into my laundry hamper. I used my hair blow dryer to dry my dog,(and later my cat) and then put my dog in a clean, comfy roomy pet carrier inside my house that is at least 3 feet off the floor to spend the night and get some rest after all the fleas. My dog is litter box trained so I put her in her little box every so often, and she knows what to do. With my 3 stronger dogs, and my 13 year old cat, I did the same treatment, but after blow drying them, I immediately applied some "Front line Tritec" and put them in flea free enclosed areas that I had already prepared for them. I prepared their kennels by spraying " Bug Be Gone" attached to my water hose, and then let it dry for a few days. I probably should have done a follow up treatment in the kennel for flea eggs that might have hatched. But I put up a shade over the kennel, put their dog house in, and food and water contrainers and they seem fine. They also get out once a day to run around. My cat is now outside in her own very large metal cage carrier in a rain proof shade and well off the ground on a saw horse platform. She has,room for a litter box, pet bed, food, and water dish.My cat, who's been blind since she was a baby, and my other dogs will come back into my house some of the time, and be free to roam the yard, AFTER I know there are NO fleas to jump on them inside the house or in the yard.. My indoor poodle couldn't handle the Frontline Tritec and I still have an unknown number of the smaller so called "Sand fleas" in my home that jump on her. But fortunately I have the Dawn and the vinegar treatment which I use about two or three times a week, and I keep her off the floor as much as possible. Am still looking for a good natural repellant and effective natural flea killer for the carpets and flooring. I'm experimenting with a stronger vinegar formula for my carpets to see if the smaller fleas can be as easily killed as the larger ones. So far the stronger vinegar recipe hasn't hurt my carpets. Sand Fleas can multiply very fast and suddenly they are all over your legs. With the experimental stronger vinegar formula and vacumning, the fleas are not bad for me, but it's rough for my poodle. I vacume as often as possible and it seems to be helping to put about 15 oz of vinegar and 15 oz of water in a spray bottle, with only a teaspoon or possibly two teaspoons of grapeseed oil but I don't know yet if it will work on the Sand Fleas. It did work on the normal sized fleas. I like to find a few fleas to experiment on and see if the critters will die after spraying and then leave the bodies of the fleas in a place where they can be observed to be sure they don't spring back to life. I'm still fighting this fight but am encouraged by the way the recipe kills the fleas. But we must kill the fleas in the yard, and inside the house, and use a good natural repellant on the pet. I have not found a good natural repellant yet but I'm considering Advantix until I do and see if she can handle that. Please share if you have found a really effective repellant. ALSO AND IMPORTANT, don't add more grapeseed oil if you add more of the recipe to your spray bottle. 1 teaspoon of grapeseed oil should be enough for at least 24 oz of vinegar/water mixture. The oll is just to help the vinegar/water stick to the fleas. Too much oil made my poodle sick when I experimented with using too much more oil. I DIDN'T GIVE YOU LARGER RECIPES FOR DOING LOTS OF DOGS OR CATS BUT IT SHOULD BE DONE PROPORTIONATE TO THE RECIPE ABOVE FOR THE LARGER FLEAS. I DON'T YET KNOW ABOUT THE SMALLER SAND FLEAS. Thanks. Rae


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Does It Work Even You Spray This To Crawling Ticks?

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