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I used a combo of most....i mixed salt baking soda and apple cidar vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle... sprayed my pup with this solution in the tub...left it on 10 min...rinsed and washed with dawn liquid dish soap and he is flea free...he has been outside and comes in flea free:).....

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Janie Parker

Please could you send me the recipe my e-mail address is

many thanks

Jose Moreno

please send ingredient and how much of everything to add , please !!!!!!

Bobby Smith

You can actually just use straight Dawn dish liquid, and nothing else. But make sure it's Dawn name brand. Dawn has an ingredient or combination of ingredients that no other soap does. It actually breaks down the exoskeleton of the fleas. Make sure to buy a flea comb, your dog will have whats referred to as 'flea dirt' afterwards, which is flea carcasses.


pls send recipe on my email jennaelicious69@gmailcom..thnk you


Can someone just post the recipe please? Im desperate.... Or email


Could I also have the recipe please! :)


The recipe is:
8 oz apple cider vinegar
4 oz warm water
1/2 tsp of salt
1/2 tsp of baking soda

Mix liquid ingredients first, then mix dry ingredients. Put in spray bottle. Place dog in bathtub and spray being CAREFUL not to get in eyes. Rub in and try to have dog stay for 5 minutes. Wet dog and wash with dawn dishwashing liquid CAREFUL not to get in eyes and dog will be free of fleas. Treat carpets and furniture with Borax. Sprinkle on for 3 hours and then vacuum. Throw away vacuum bag when finished. Boom done!!!


i need the amounts of what i need too.
Heres my email


I'm quite sure that most of those comments asking for recipes are SPAM. First off, Laura isn't going to email that many people, secondly, the recipe, or a similar one, is on here several times.


could you please e mail me the recipe,

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