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I used a combo of most....i mixed salt baking soda and apple cidar vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle... sprayed my pup with this solution in the tub...left it on 10 min...rinsed and washed with dawn liquid dish soap and he is flea free...he has been outside and comes in flea free:).....

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Could i also please have amounts etc. my dog 80lbs has fleas first time an is getting so many bites on her. I've done flea baths but not working if u could email me Please thank you


Please my dog is still being eaten alive by flees Can you send recipe for your solution to


Having just acquired my next Dachshund puppy and not interested in using chemicals this time, I am very interested to learn the quantities also for this remedy. Please forward to


What the amount of each ingredient. Thanks


8 oz apple cider vinegar
4 oz warm water
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda

Mix dry ingredients first then slowly add to wet as the vinegar and baking soda will react slightly. Be careful not to get in pets eyes.

That is the suggested measurements per this site.


Please send recipe to
Thank you


I tried this on my puppy and it woked miracles i also bought a flea comb and now i comb trough his hair everytime he goes for a walk he loves it...along with this treatmebt i also did a natural flea dip to prevent any from taggin along with him after his walk. So the recipe is very simple 8oz of apple cider vinegar 4 oz of water 1/2 tsp of salt and bakingsoda spray on your pet let stand for 10 min then wash with dawn liquid soap after that i did the dip a lemon not lime in warm water have him sit in the water make sure you get your pet's head also your pet will need to be in the water for like 5-10 min. After that you will let him dry off on his on so you wont remove the lemon scent from his skin and fleas don't seem to tag along with him anymore. The flea dip prep is one cut lemon leave in boiling water and let the lemon sit in the water overnight. When your ready to do the dip make sure the water is warm and toss in your water with the lemon along with the tub filled with warm water and this dip should prevent your dog from getting any more fleas mind you it wont last long so you might have to repeat the flea dip before taking your dog to any walks every 1-2 weeks. Hope that helps someone


FYI Dawn (or any dish liquid) will kill fleas instantly so it's probably better to wash them first then use this solution and merely rinse them and allow them to dry. Unless there are some traces of it left in their coats I don't see how it could continue to work.

Also, Borax will kill fleas. Simply sprinkle it on your carpets, dog's bedding, etc... and allow it to sit overnight. It won't harm the dog if they sleep on it. Vacuum the next day. It attacks the fleas' central nervous system. It will have to be repeated in another week or so, it won't kill eggs. It smells very clean, too - Bonus! :) You can get it at Wal-Mart, roughly $4 for a large box.

Garlic Oil Capsules - 'Garlic Daily Aid' Made By Holistic Animal Care is another helper. I found, tho, that they are simply 1,000mg Garlic Oil Capsules, $24 per bottle - Puritans Pride offers the same thing, 1/3 the price, and 3 x the quantity in the bottles & they offer buy one get one, buy 3 get 2 or whatever it is they run at the time ;)
*So everyone knows & won't have to research, dosage is:
Cats & Small Dogs - 1,000mg per day
Med to Large Dogs - 2,000mg-4,000mg per day
**Best to divide daily dose into 2 feedings for optimum results
2 of my dogs make me poke holes in them & squirt them onto their food. My other dog will just eat them ;)

Brewer's Yeast is also another good supplement for them :) As for adding Apple Cider Vinegar to their food or water, the organic is the one that works. It's more expensive, I had to get it at Vitamin Shoppe. It has to contain 'The Mother' (whatever that means LOL) basically stuff floating around in it - blech ;) When adding it to their food, if they won't eat it, keep offering *that* food. A dog will not starve themselves ;)

I add the garlic capsules & the apple cider vinegar to their food at the same time (kind of smells like salad & garlic bread LOL) The last bottle of Brewer's Yeast Pills I got seem to be different. They used to love them & would eat them like treats. Now I have to crush them & add those to their food too.

One of my dogs has *super* sensitive skin & I've had to go thru all kinds of different remedies! I've definitely done my research :) She gets probiotics too & Lamb & rice formula food.
Good Luck Everyone! :)


Please send me the recipe, my doggies are in need of something that actually works.
My email is

Thank you!


can u send the recipe to my email please my dog is drowning in fleas. Question: 'Does it work for ticks as well?'

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