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I came down with a pretty bad case of pink eye last week. I read several posts about using few drops of urine (has to be your own) in the affected eye, and since nothing else was giving me any relief, I decided to try it. NOT ONLY DID IT WORK...IT GAVE ME INSTANT RELIEF! I caught a little urine in a small bowl and dilluted it with water (about 50/50)... I used a Q-Tip and dipped it in the urine and squeezed 2 drops into my eye. Immediately, my eye didnt burn anymore. I was amazed at how soothing if felt in my eye. Then I took a cotton ball, dipped it in the urine, and wiped my eyelid, lashes and the area under and around my eye where it was irritated and red from the weeping and rubbing. Again, instant relief. Within 1 1/2 - 2 hours later, my eye was completely more redness, no more soreness. Thanks for this amazing remedy!

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I've read all the comments and about 95% have had success with this remedy. I'm about to try it now. I will keep you updated. Thanks for the helpful post!


My daughter had pink eye and i read this message and i decided to do it. I collected some of her urine and started dropping it her eye every 3 hours. The next day she had pink eye in both eyes so i keep up the treatment. The next day there was no yellow puss, but her eyes were still red after two urine treatments and so Clear eyes she was perfectly fine. Crazy but it works


I would never put pee in my eye.

I guess if you know for a complete fact that you're sti-free. Otherwise, you could be putting herpes or chlamydia in your eye which causes blindness. Seems like a bonehead move.


It feels better cant believe I just did that....but it does feel better. I'm doing again in an hour

Piss stain

Who knew R. Kelly was on to something.


It totally works!


Had pink eye for a week now it hurts so bad. Swelling, tearing and irritation just horrible. Tried hot and cold compresses -nothing. Eye drops.. Still feel like shit. Came across this and now trying been 5 min just got to wait and see what happens >.<


I'm not sure if I even have it and it's not hurting or irritated like most of yours seem to be but from what I've read I'm gonna pass this along. another one our little friend urine relieves instantly is an ear ache... now that I've done and it took it all away instantly and I never got one again, that was 15 years ago to.


I'm thinking about trying this.. My 3 year old son has pink eye in both eyes. I just told him mommy needs some of his pee.. lol and he just laughs.


I believe in this remedy. son got pink eye and I had him do this and within minutes his eye was clear...this really works....painfree also. Thanks for posting :)

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