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I came down with a pretty bad case of pink eye last week. I read several posts about using few drops of urine (has to be your own) in the affected eye, and since nothing else was giving me any relief, I decided to try it. NOT ONLY DID IT WORK...IT GAVE ME INSTANT RELIEF! I caught a little urine in a small bowl and dilluted it with water (about 50/50)... I used a Q-Tip and dipped it in the urine and squeezed 2 drops into my eye. Immediately, my eye didnt burn anymore. I was amazed at how soothing if felt in my eye. Then I took a cotton ball, dipped it in the urine, and wiped my eyelid, lashes and the area under and around my eye where it was irritated and red from the weeping and rubbing. Again, instant relief. Within 1 1/2 - 2 hours later, my eye was completely more redness, no more soreness. Thanks for this amazing remedy!

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I dont have a problem with urine because its actually sterile unless you have a urinary tract infection but what will you do about the actual bacteria that caused the pink eye if it isnt viral....Sometimes the doctor is needed an antibiotic prescription so i guess this is good for symptoms and viral conjunctivitis...the only way i can see NOT going to a doctor is accepting a longer contagious stage and possibly passing it back and forth to whomever you are around because the body may build enough defense against it.....


I tried it and it burned like heck and didn't help. I know there are many kinds of pink eye and perhaps I have a different type.


How often do u do this? Did u use fresh urine each time? Sounds like silly questions but im so desperate and no Insurance :'(


I tried all kinds of remedies and this here was my last resort well let me tell you pee is a miracle my eye feels a whole lot better still red but the the irritation is no bad


Had pink eye for almost a week now, I wanna get rid of it so bad. Hope this works.


Had pink eye for almost a week now, I wanna get rid of it so bad. Hope this works.


Yes it really. works sounds. crazy butt true story


Not a good idea if you recently had unprotected sex or any kind of std. It can spread to your eye...


I've had pink eye since last night and it felt a bit heavy and I used a few eye drops but to no avail , so this morning at 7 , I tried out the urine thing and there was instant relief and I also did the cotton wool thing , so I thought I'd wait another 2 - 3 hours like you did , but by the time I slept and woke up again , the eye was still red and I have a very very important meeting to be in about an hour , what do I do ?

Dr. B

This is true. As a historian and professor I know that the Vikings and the Celts used this often for wounds, too. See the movie the 13th Warrior, it shows the application of this remedy.

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