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I came down with a pretty bad case of pink eye last week. I read several posts about using few drops of urine (has to be your own) in the affected eye, and since nothing else was giving me any relief, I decided to try it. NOT ONLY DID IT WORK...IT GAVE ME INSTANT RELIEF! I caught a little urine in a small bowl and dilluted it with water (about 50/50)... I used a Q-Tip and dipped it in the urine and squeezed 2 drops into my eye. Immediately, my eye didnt burn anymore. I was amazed at how soothing if felt in my eye. Then I took a cotton ball, dipped it in the urine, and wiped my eyelid, lashes and the area under and around my eye where it was irritated and red from the weeping and rubbing. Again, instant relief. Within 1 1/2 - 2 hours later, my eye was completely more redness, no more soreness. Thanks for this amazing remedy!

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Carrie Morgan

Thank you!!! I did use this and at last Comfort in pain-free from pink eye is what I feel! Nothing else worked!


This really worked when nothing else did! I have no insurance and was truly desperate! And doing doing this was instant comfort! Thank GOD!


I thought it was gros at first then I thought why not none of the others work instantly


Well I'll be damned! This really worked! I ain't got time for the bs and I'm always looking for a way to save that $15 co-pay. Honey, I thought this remedy here was a mess, but if you can drink pee to live in the desert, then a little in your eye won't kill you! Instant relief and the redness started clearing up! Good shit!


OMG! It really does work... instant relief from the scratchy feeling .. still have some weeping but its only been 15 minutes ago... still however being cautious as it is very contagious. Thanks for the post!


What if im in my period???
I need a respond know im in need pls i need it right know im hurting


It doesn't matter. Pee is pee


I was at a school picnic yesterday, and my eyes began to itch and ache, an hour later I had to hold my eyes open to get contacts out. By the time I made it home I could not hold my eyes open wihtout excuciating pain. I took an antihistamine after showering and went to bed at 6:40pm. Woke up about 4:00 eyes swollen and crusted shut, I wahsed face and eyes, used alternating warm and cold compresses for 4 hours. No relief from pain or swelling. I took out the iPad and googled home remidies for it is Saturday - I read the article and squinting - said nope, not gonna do that, kept looking. Couldn't drive, could barely see screen due to pain. Then I decided - why not, who would know.
Well I am now sharing - it does work, swelling and pain are gone, I still have redness 5 hours later, but I have mowed the lawn and feel great but eyes are red.



ive been dealing with what i thought was just bad allergies for the last 10 days or so. then the last few mornings i've woken up with swollen eye lids and some crusting with discolored eyes. i've read about conjunctivitis stemming from allergies so i figure this is what i have. getting to doc is a pain so i am always looking for easy and holistic remedies to heal issues and just came across this. makes sense so i tried it. its only been about 10 minutes but i'll monitor and give an update.


my pink eye has gone away quite a bit in the 2 days since i tried it first. i only did it once last night but the overnight discharge was much less. i will continue until all symptoms are gone...thanks!

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