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I came down with a pretty bad case of pink eye last week. I read several posts about using few drops of urine (has to be your own) in the affected eye, and since nothing else was giving me any relief, I decided to try it. NOT ONLY DID IT WORK...IT GAVE ME INSTANT RELIEF! I caught a little urine in a small bowl and dilluted it with water (about 50/50)... I used a Q-Tip and dipped it in the urine and squeezed 2 drops into my eye. Immediately, my eye didnt burn anymore. I was amazed at how soothing if felt in my eye. Then I took a cotton ball, dipped it in the urine, and wiped my eyelid, lashes and the area under and around my eye where it was irritated and red from the weeping and rubbing. Again, instant relief. Within 1 1/2 - 2 hours later, my eye was completely more redness, no more soreness. Thanks for this amazing remedy!

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Are you high? You are seriously peeing into a container and wiping it on your face and dripping it into your eye?

What could possibly be in urine that would instantly cure pink eye? Also, why does it HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN urine? You mean I can't just have my wife pee on my face?


Laugh or not - I just tried it and it worked! Been suffering with this eye for days!


Yea that's what I'm talking about it really works n if Ur disgusted about pee well u should be more disgusted about who u sleep with not your own pee I had pink eye n it really help me out .


it might sound weird and funny but it really works!


Hey my sister has had pink eye going on three weeks now. She's been to the doctor and they gave her eye drops that she said dont seem to work. I actually had forgot about her little situation until she gave me a call. I told her to get a tea bag at first,then I told her to hood fast and I'll call her back. I just gave her this pee remedy and she too said she felt instant relief. Thanks for the info. I hope it helps my baby sister.


It really Works. Thats all I can say. No more pain pulls. Just Piss n it worked instan


I have pink eye on both eyes, first time ever and i just saw this remedy, and i be damned... it works!!!


Exactly how often did you do it, ive had it for about 4 days now and I'm curious to try this. ..


It works! I tried it ah hour ago and I already feel my eyes getting better. It first started this morning and I wasnt sure if it was pink eye bc it wasnt as red as Ive seen some before but as the day progressed I started feeling it. So I goggled it and decided to try it bc I dont have insurance to go to a doctor... It definitely worked. I was a little skeptical and disgusted but I need a cure fast so I tried it! It really works!


Does your piss have to be clean of weed

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