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I have had problems with my teeth for a long time but I've an appointment at my dentist on 31st August. Now, I use cold water when it is severe. I literally cry with pain until I use cold water. I used to use it for hours upon hours just to get some relief. If you yourself use cold water for relief, then use cold water for about 45 minutes-90 minutes then stop completely. It will hurt like mad for anything between 10 minutes to 30 minutes and you WILL be in agoney but after that, the toothache disappears. You may have a little niggle but nothing major. This works but you need to bear with it. I was crying and literally pacing for 25 minutes in agony but then it disappears. I was skeptical too but whatever you do, DON'T go back on the water, just wait it out and I promise you, you will feel better and pain free. Please let me know how it goes. Marie x

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That really helped me! I couldn't take water out of my mouth for several hours and if I did the pain was too much. As a last resort I tried your method and it worked like a charm, thank god. I finally got some sleep after 25 minutes straight of pacing up and down my kitchen.


Oh yes I am on the cold water treatment right now.. wowww last 2 nights no sleep what so ever, I have been filling my mouth up with cold cold water, letting it sit, then spitting it out, I got orajel today and it lasts about an hour then the pain starts poking me again. I tried warm salt water and I about died! Will try to restrain myself from adding coldwater when it hurts :(


I use cold water. But I haven't ben able to stop. As soon as the pain comes back I'm right back to the water. But now I've read this I'm going to try and not go back to the water. Would be amazing not running to the toilet every 10 minutes aswell with the amount of water. I'm going to attempt to not touch water for a while now and see if I get anywhere. Thank you (:


I cannot thank you enough! I have been in the cold water/ice/freeze pop diet since 6pm... It is now 2:30am and I have tried every home remedy I can find and drugs as string as Vicidon and everything either had no effect or makes it worse (omg that warm salt water swish KILLED me too!) just went cold turkey off the cold stuff and put some anbesol on it to help a tiny bit (and I do mean a tiny bit...). It's been 20mins and the pain went from a 10 to a 3! Guess the cold only does us harm in the end. Anyways thanks again! Off to sleep finally :)

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