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Don't think I'm being creepy or anything but, ORGASMS ! Whether it's through masturbation or through sex it doesn't matter, just as you come to a climax and all of the muscles in your body tighten it releases excess energy trapped in your muscles which decreases or completely eliminates the symptoms of RLS allowing you to drift off to sleep more pleasantly.

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ive found this works very well but only a quick fix. Helps for only about 15 min. If i am very tired an orgasm will make my rls go away and ill fall right asleep. If im not very tired though ill have to orgasm multiple times before i can fall asleep


Restless leg is caused by low dopamine levels. Sex increases dopamine. The trick is to fall asleep before it wears off. RLS gets worse with age and if my experience is any indication, what used to get you to sleep all night will eventually get you to dose for 30 minutes or less and then you are back to the same old same old. But its fun while it lasts.


I thought I was the crazy one when I figured that out. I can't take Requip and decided to try orgasm and by golly it worked!


I really thought I was the only crazy one who figured this out! It really works!!! I do have to be ready to go right to sleep, otherwise I have to startover (darn).


I'll masterbate while waiting for my Requip to kick in. Doesn't always work but it worth the try.


Use a vibrating massager in the groin area will cause the circulation to increase intensely and relieve rls for enough time to fall asleep. If you experience an orgasm that would be a fringe benefit. lol

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