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Hello, I was just diagnosed with GH yesterday. Of course when I was told what I had I felt like my life was over and that no man would ever want to be with me again. Today I've read some of the stories on here and it's nice to know I'm not alone in this. The blisters on my vagina are killing me. The urine burns me soooo BAD! I'm currently on the antibiotics to treat this virus, I just wanna fast forward the next couple days. One thing that helps me some is a diaper rash paste. It helps act like a barrier to kind of block the urine. Hope that helps someone.

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Hello everyone try Oatmeal Soap (protex) and teabag (boil then cool in refrigerator) and place on the site of outbreak


It isn't easy; especially when you first find out and then you are going through physical and emotional pains. First thing I suggest is to remove ALL oatmeal, nuts, and garlic. These all trigger the condition to worsen. Also, keep sugar to the most minimal possible, as well as, chocolate. Drink lots of water. Learn to forgive the one who passed it to you. Find a chart of Lysine rich foods and stick with those. Avoid foods high in Argenine. This alone will allow you to live your life without the outbreaks. It will sit dormant in your spine, though, so you will want to get oil of oregano P73. Follow bottle instructions and also rub some with DSMO on the base of your spine where the virus hides. It is proven to rid the virus completely over time. Many have been cured within the first month. Keep positive. You don't have to live with this. Don't allow others who are negative to tell you otherwise. Hugs.

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