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I was diagnosed with HSV1 & HSV2 in January after my cheating ex boyfriend gave me the disease, knew he had it all along, and never told me he had it until after I left him. I went to the doctor and sure enough the bloodwork came back positive. I had never had an outbreak though and I never wanted to. I went to my GYN and she prescribed Valacyclovir..I was taking it regularly and then my RX ran out and I couldnt afford the $300 it costs . I had my first outbreak a week after I stopped taking it. My mother then paid for the RX for me bc I literally wanted to shoot myself from the pain. The symptoms went away and I was fine. Well now once again RX is out and a week later here I am again dying!!! So I bought the propolis drops. I take them orally twi e a day for 2 days now and put them directly on the blisters. It seems to help the pain for a little bit but I see another blister forming. Anyone else know what I can do to prevent these things? I recommend no one tame Valacyclovir, I never had a single problem until I started taking this which Ive heard from several other people as well. Someone please let me know what works for you!! My ex still has never had symptoms so apparently he is just a carrier and im the not so lucky victim FML.

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Same thing happened to me... Contracted it from a sleazy, cheating ex FIANCE. Found out at 1st outbreak 4 days ago.
Now it's like being condemned. But I've found out that it is much more common than you think.
I'm taking Acyclovir 400mg and it has subsided a great deal.
Now I'm on the hunt for something more permanent.


Eff these guys! Same thing happened to me! There's a special place in hell for them!


All the meds work if you take them daily. You wont have an outbreak at all.


Acyclovir 400 mg 2 x a day works and is cheaper


Ive was diagnosed about 7 yrs ago and have an out break a couple times a year. I used to take L-Lysine on a regular basis to boost the immune system and was not experiencing any outbreaks. Now that I look back I am definitely heading to the nearest health food store to start taking it daily again! Also Tea Tree oil can help dry them up faster, its found in the vitamin isle at Target or Walmart.Also Ive heard Propolis 500mg daily can help, I havent tried this yet but am currently suffering from an outbreak and am willing to try anything!

herpes 2 215

if you go to plan parent hood will give you them for free because of your finical situation they you out until then use baking soda on clean cotton balls and you will be fine so it while u take the rest if your meds!! and use antibacterial soap to kill the lesion dry of really good then apply the baking soda take a plastic bag put baking soda and fresh cotton balls and shake this way you will always have a fresh cotton ball with baking soda if your bold use salt add nd put a panty liner on because it leaks !!

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