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Ear Candles!
The only safe natural way to unblock & clean out ears. i use them periodically when my ears aren't blocked as prevention, it works!

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I have used the candle lots and love them. I have suffered from ear infections a few times a year since I was an infant. I could feel my ear plugging up one day and knew it was the beginning of an infection. I thought the candles would be great to suck out the fluid... Wrong! Not only did it not work, I got blisters in my ear canal! Worst infection ever! I love the candles for maintenance but stay away from them if your ear is infected or on the verge of.


Stay Away from ear candles - they don't do a thing. Setting fire to wax soaked rags and putting them in your ears? Ok, so I tried it and 10 years later I am still suffering the consequences of hot wax entering my ear canal.


Ear candles do not work, tried them. If your ear is plugged or hurts, go to the doctor, period. He/she will check for any foreign objects or infections, maybe all you need is to have it flushed out. It takes 2 minutes.


ear candles do work! and there not dangerous if u go to a professional or if u actually know the proper way to use them !

A guy.

Ear candles absolutely do NOT work. Adherents will tell you that they remove a bunch of wax and other material from your ear, as evidenced by the residue in the candle at the end of treatment.

To easily disprove this, try burning an ear candle in the palm of your hand, without ever making any contact with your ear. You'll find exactly the same quantity and quality of residue. It's just a byproduct of the burning candle. Although the people recommending them mean well, empirical evidence proves that ear candles are ineffective.


Ear is very important part of our body it not only serve our hearing but very importantly manage our balance if balancing is disturbed life will become hell. Ear problem always take seriously


Ear candles did not work on my clogged ears.
There was residue/ 'ear wax' when I used it, but there was also 'ear wax' when I burned it by itself.
So it seems I just wasted $8.99. >.<


it is dangerous and doesn't work at all!!


Medical research has shown that the practice is both dangerous and ineffective and does not help remove earwax or alleged toxins. The claim by one manufacturer that ear candles originated with the Hopi tribe also has been disproven.


Seely, D.R., Quigley, S.M., Langman, A.W. (1996). 'Ear candles: Efficacy and safety'. Laryngoscope 106 (10): 1226–9. doi:10.1097/00005537-199610000-00010. PMID 8849790

'Authenticity of the Hopi Candle'. Active Health. 2004-03-02. 'The Hopi Cultural Preservation Office is not aware of Hopi people ever practicing 'Ear Candling.' Biosun and Revital Ltd. are misrepresenting the name 'Hopi' with their products. This therapy should not be called 'Hopi Ear Candeling.' [sic] The history of Ear Candeling [sic] should not refer to being used by the Hopi Tribe. Use of this false information with reference to Hopi should be stopped.'

Another Guy

Ear candles are banned in the U.S. and Canada, though some stores continue to sell them illegally. They are essentially a parlour trick, that does nothing to remove ear wax (see A Guy's comment above). The reason they are banned is that some people have actually damaged thier eardrums with hot wax from the candle.

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