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I live in Ireland so we do not have Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) so I used white wine vinegar.

I had a infestation on my anus that had spread over a number of months.

At first it was not too bad but as it burns the skin it was incredibly painful.

I applied two days in a row and then would take two days off.

After the first week or first two treatments most of the smaller ones turned black and would flake off when I was in the shower or that.

Now I am down to one which was about the size of a grain of rice initially and has now shrunk away.

This treatment does work but it is painfull, you are burning the skin off layer by layer and your immune system can do the rest. Good luck all

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Hi, I read your post and also have warts on my anus and am looking for some help. I've had them frozen 3 times and also used Pofolio on them but they are still there. I'm willing to try home remedies and Apple Cyder Vinegar looks like it works from people posting here. But I don't know if its similar in pain to the freeing or is it worse? and how long does it normally last?


were can we buy acv?



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