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Noxema original cream...will hurt for a min or two then gets real cold and you go right to sleep wipe it on and leave it alone ....ha the worst burn of my life in south florida a local women told me about it....and it works so well 100% better than vinegar or anything!!!

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noel jaimes

amazing!it actualy works!


My mother use to do this for us as kids when we got a burn. Do it with my kids today. Noxzema will take the sting right out!!!


Forgot all about this. My mom use to always use this too. 1 time I had a super bad burn on my skin, my mom put noxema on me, I went to bed, got up next morning, no more burn. Noxema use to be 1 of those cure alls everyone knew about.


IT WORKS!!! more burning...THANKS


Wow...I thought my mom was the only one who made us do that! I too got REALY burned while at wet & wild in FLorida when I was a kid...Mom put Nozema on and the next day the red and pain was gone. I use the same remedy on my own children now. but one thing I did notice...the Ingrediance in the today Noxema is much weaker then the Noxema of 25 years ago. Still affective but takes just a bit more time.

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