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After a few years of only receiving mild (but expensive!) relief from Asacol/mesalamine, I have found the following to be significantly beneficial:

1) Psyllium - Key ingredient in products like Metamucil. I think it works because it acts like a sponge/gel, absorbing a large percentage of whatever digestive products (stomach acid/pepsin/?) that are causing/aggravating the ulcerations in my sigmoid colon.

2) Melatonin (!) - This one is a bit of a shocker and I only discovered by accident after a dozen years of suffering.

But it has had a *profoundly* positive effect on my symptoms.

A very small number of research papers on Pubmed indicate that Melatonin helps increase the output of bicarbonate in the small intestine.

If true then this might be consistent with the stomach acid/pepsin theory discussed above - increased bicarbonate induced by melatonin would neutralize the stomach acid/pepsin.

This is *definitely not* the theory of UC causation that the medical establishment adheres to (although they don't have much in the way of answers themselves - they have a range of theories and mostly an eagerness to push costly prescription meds).

Both psyllium and melatonin have few if any side effects, so I urge long-time UC sufferers to at least give them a shot.

In my experience, psyllium dropped my pain level 50% and melatonin 90%.

I can still tell something is going on 'down there' but the pain is 90% gone and there are 90% fewer bloody stools, cramps, etc.

Note: Working under the stomach acid/pepsin theory, I tried bicarbonate (Tums, baking soda) many years ago - it didn't help.

I'm not sure why, but it might be that digestive juices (acid, pepsin, etc.) at a *latter stage* of the digestive process are actually causing/aggravating the UC.

So simply neutralizing the initial stage of digestion (in the stomach) is insufficient - the bicarbonate has to be introduced *later* in the process.

Which is what melatonin does.

Please try both psyllium and melatonin - I feel that I have lost 12 years of my life that I didn't have to.

If I can spare another person similar suffering then perhaps my painful experience has been worth something.

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That's a quick-witted asnwer to a difficult question

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