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O.k first off, I'm only 13, and removed my plantar wart by myself. It actually grew in the exact middle of the palm of my hand. In order for the wart to come out without having to mine into your flesh is simple, you scrub it really clean with anti-bacterial soap and a rough brush. Scrub the skin until it is open and shedding. You will see tentacle like roots popping out of the wart wound (those black dots must be removed like the following...).
Take flat-tipped tweezer and carefully pull everything out. It will sting! But only feels like an ant bite. It will also bleed. Once you are done pulling, not scooping, wash it thoroughly and cover it up with something (sadly, I used a scarf), you must repeat for a few weeks and if you need help GO TO THE DOCTOR!

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Yeah I did it too but with a nail clipper, two days and it was gone : D I'm twelve


You really need to be careful pulling out the black 'roots'. You can very easily get blood poisoning if you don't do it completely sanitary.

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