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A home remedy for dandruff is to go to the drugstore buy YELLOW Listerine *note:it has to be yellow because it has the right ingredients* take a shower and right before you get out rinse your hair and take a spray bottle and put the Listerine in it then soak your hair and get out the shower. Let your hair air dry DON'T USE A HAIRDRYER. You need to give the product a little bit of time to settle in. When your hair is dry head back into the shower and rinse it off. Repeat this at least once a week. I guarantee the dandruff will go away. Good Luck :).

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Yes, this works! I have used the generic yellow Listerine-type mouthwash. I keep some in small spray bottles in both bathrooms so that both my husband and I can use it. It even works on the crusty scaling that appears over the ears and in other spots. I spray it on just before I shower and leave it on about 5 mins. It even works with long hair as long as you get it on the scalp.

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