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Tie a raw egg in a brown paper bag and tie it to the head of the bed where your baby sleeps and leave it until baby is big enough that he might get it or break it. I don't know how or why it works but it does for the fever, diarrea, and pain.

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@AC shut the f up. Some holier than thou bs. Anyhoo, that is a dumb a$$ idea and someone just wanted to be a dumb $hit and post that as an idea for a home remedy. We all know eggs rot rather quickly and the whole posting was bs so shut ur trap, everyone who responded with saying it was a stupid idea was right. Its a fake home remedy that some a hole thought would be funny to post to those of us looking for sincere answers. They are a jerk n u r one too.

John W.

Raw eggs rot... solmenella if it shall break or the egg touch your childs skin in any way... this is very unsafe in many ways. Old wives tales are called 'tales' for a reason and remedies as these that you say are old and really work are basically voodoo and mind over matter type stuff. Ppl please do not try this one, this is dangerous and id hate to hear of anyones child getting food poisoning or some other ailment by trying this and end up with something much worse than a teething issue. And everyone has a right to an opinion, just like we all have buttholes we all have opinions and lots of them stink but that's why they entitle us to leave comments.


I think you all need a quick check your on here to HELP YOUR CHILD IN PAIN. and yet you all want to put someone down for what they believe in?! This is a site for when your tricks dont work and you need to find another alternative people are trying to help you and your putting them down. So tell me when you need $5 to buy milk and bread and somoneone gives you a dollar are you going to throw it back in their face cause thats all they could afford?! be greatful or get off the site and figure it out youself.! Everyone in the world is different, raised, beliefs, thoughts, dreams and education. Listen and learn dont judge and belittle people.


my son has been really fussy these past days, and im sure he's teething already! i really want too try this but can someone please tell me how this is done!!!


Why not just hover a slightly cooked biscuit almost within arms reach of the baby. The anticipation should work wonders for the little fella. Helps diahrea also. Wtf?


U guys are so stupid seriously it does work and the egg is not cracked open idiot it an actual egg out of the carton...its supposed absorb negativity...I don't care if it racist to say but u ppl must be WHITE..what about ppl who do other herbal remedies Christians SUPPOSIBLY heal wit pray so I'm assumeing u think that's stupid too..get a grip if u think its so wrong get a drs deg.


As it may sound nuts
So all of you talking smack
Love your baby AND TRY IT maybe u can ease your babies pain
Like this loving mother who was nice enough to share this with you
THEN the right thing to do would be to atleast leave a comment with an apology for alll the nasty things you said..... Good looking out n thankyou for sharing this easy cheap awesome way to take ur babies pain away....


For everyone who was so negitive about this remedy.Our one year old daughter has been crying for two days nothing was working.Right before she laid down to take a nap in her play pin I got a small foam cup cracked one egg and placed it in a brown paper bag closed up the bag placed it under her play pin...Within one hr the fever is gone and she is running around playing.I also rubbed ginger paste on her gums.I know my daughters spirits and she is feeling much better thank you to the lady who posted this


So should I use brown or white eggs? And should they be free range or will the plain ones work? :P


My cousin just told me she did this for her baby. My daughter is 7 months and is teething bad and hasn't been sleeping good. So I will be trying this tonight.

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