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Tie a raw egg in a brown paper bag and tie it to the head of the bed where your baby sleeps and leave it until baby is big enough that he might get it or break it. I don't know how or why it works but it does for the fever, diarrea, and pain.

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As always, I get online for helpful information and instead find people b-i-t-c-h ing! this says to put the egg in a bag ABOVE the crib not in it and if it doesn't actually cause harm then why not...I am trying it along with a few other things cause I am desparate! ps know-it-alls: oragel and tylenol are more dangerous for your baby than you think! At least this way the baby isn't ingesting something chemically manufactured to stop the body's own natural defense system. don't bother commenting back, I have better things to do than check back and see if someone disagrees with me!


I think this is an awsome option! I will deffently try this! Will let u know how it's going! Thanks for all the help!


i don't know why people have to be so mean and hateful if you do like something just don't try it and keep it to yourself. i mean come on we're all adults now act like it. anyways as a mom with a teething 2 month old i can't do much for in the way of meds anything is worth a shot, thank


Just wanted to inform some of you that in order for there to be a placebo effect, the one receiving the treatment needs to be aware of the intended effects of the medication, or ridiculous remedy that is being used. Please lets have a little common sense. Remedies like this one do not work, and will never work, no matter how much you try to believe that they will.


It is very disheartening to read the negative and belittling comments posted. This is supposed to be a forum for home remedies from all over the world, not just in your little piece of the globe. We should all have respect for others ideas. If you don't agree with the methods, then don't utilize them, it is that simple. By being so narrow minded, you are offending someone else's beliefs, traditions and possibly their religion. Be respectful.


No offense but that does sound a little bit out there.


can you say salmonella!!!!! that can kill your child!! raw egg are you kidding me!!! and how long do you leave that egg in your childs crib!! ugg people get a clue


This really works. I have had three children and it has worked every single time. My mother always said that the egg absorbs the pain and relieves the baby. It seems to do exactly that. I truly believe that if we stop relying on medicine for the minor things such as teething, fevers, pain, and aches, and go back to our roots, we will be much healthier in our later years. My advice to anyone who cares to take it is, next time you get a cold, headache or any minor illness, look up a few old wives tales. They really do work wonders.*****Love & Happiness*****


I have an adult son and teenage daughter. I also have a five month old grand daughter and am trying to convince her mother (my son's girlfriend) that this works. I don't know just does. My mother swore by it and I tried it. If you have and infant who is about to start teething save yourself the agony and your baby the pain of cutting teeth. The egg doesn't smell the inside dries up and all you'll have left will be a dried substance and shell. I kept the egg up at least six months tacked over the doorpost of my childs room. You may call it whatever you want. I call it wonderful, amazing and peaceful. Try it and post your results. You can thank me later.


here is the way it really goes you take the egg and write the name of the child on it and then you place the egg in the attic and the child will have no trouble with teething. IT WORKS!!

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