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Tie a raw egg in a brown paper bag and tie it to the head of the bed where your baby sleeps and leave it until baby is big enough that he might get it or break it. I don't know how or why it works but it does for the fever, diarrea, and pain.

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omg this worked, my baby stopped being so cranky.Thanks


To the mother about having a child with a fever i dont know about an egg but i swear by this if you or a child has a fever putting a chopped onion in the sock before bed works overnight of course you have to put the sock on your foot


how long do you leave the egg in there for? do u change it every day? won't it rot? please post an answer i would appreciate that thank you


Besides be so ridculous that I can't belive I am even posting a comment
where did you ever hear such a thing?
you are surely joking??


Can you say Witch Craft...!?!


This is a great thread, I got a laugh out of all of it. However much the egg idea sounds crazy to me, I won't judge I don't understand energy well enough to know for sure. But comparing this idea to that of God is great as well HA!!! I totally agree, just as crazy. But the mind is an amazing thing and we create our own reality. So if you believe the egg will work, it might... but only just slightly. Good luck everyone and their teething babies, I know mine won't be using an egg (were vegan):)

Karl H

this works wonders!!! It halped not only with my child's teething, but with his E.D as well!!!

G Glitter

Will egg beaters work??? What about a snake egg??


I cannot believe the negativity and anger in some of the postings. Look at your selves, folks.


wow some of these people have serious anger issues and have no clue what is going on!

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