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Tie a raw egg in a brown paper bag and tie it to the head of the bed where your baby sleeps and leave it until baby is big enough that he might get it or break it. I don't know how or why it works but it does for the fever, diarrea, and pain.

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that is weird and so very unsafe


This just goes to show you many people have become sooo dependent on medicine that is not natural. Old wives tales DO work if you actually do them right.People, stop being so ignorant and remember that back then, people lived longer than today


it absorves the energy, it is really great actually it is used in sick rooms and for a lot of things also. people are quite silly they have stray away for healing themself, and rely on crap that kills.


thank you iam going to try this for my 3year old he has a fever will keep you posted on how it worked


You rock!!!


I agree, when you have a child that is in pain or not well you (I) would try anything to make better. Anyone who says otherwise is the one with the problem.


O...K... wierdo


I would never put anything in my child's crib. And another thing, whoever you are that said 'people lived longer back then' Are you crazy? People died really young and of stupid things that could have been avoided if they had proper medical treatment. Personally I prefer home remedies over medicine, but still a medicine none the less. However Im not going to put my baby's happiness in the care of an egg. This sounds as nuts as using leeches for eye therapy.


what do you mean praying to some dude you dont even know!! you will rott in hell for this!!!


My friend told me about this and as I was at my wits end with my 5 month old son's severe teething issues - I tried it...and it WORKED! I didn't tie it to the crib though....I put it on a table at the head of his crib.

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