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I've suffered mild eczema my whole life, and after having my son, he inherited the eczema, but has severe. He is now 4yrs old.
I have tried everything for him and none of it really worked. Some creams helped protect his skin from being physically irritated and getting itchy by creating a physical barrier on the skin, but didn't improve his condition at all. And many other products just moisturize the skin, which can soothe the itch but not the appearance and there's no improvement.

After extensive research into the condition, I made my own concoction natural used it as an all over body scrub, even on the face. My son's skin is extremely sensitive. He burns, is very pale, and many soaps and detergents will irritate his skin and cause an outbreak.
(I have recently found a product that is pretty much the same as my concoction, but way better, I wont link or anything to it because this is a home remedies page and it would be rightfully removed, but I can be contacted at if you are interested, instead I am providing the ingredients I used to make my own scrub before finding an actual product like it.

The Home-Made Eczema Scrub
(This will give you a lot of ingredients, so make as much or as little as you want)
First find an empty jar with a screw-top sealing lid.

Go to a natural store (preferably)
Sea Salts
Coconut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Olive Oil
Orange Oil
Aloe Vera
Any type of pure Milk product(soy/silk/milk/for skin)(don't use real milk because it will turn if not used right away.)
and/or Shea Butter
Tea Tree Oil and/or pure cucumber extract
*Start by filling half your container with your sea Salt(1 cup)
*in a measuring cup mix 1 cup of your other products equally and stir together thoroughly or until well mixed
*Pour liquid mixture into your Sea Salt container and gently stir(Feel free to do this part with your hands, they will be super soft by the end)
*Let stand for 4-6 hours to allow the salts to absorb the oils and fully mix together, but it can be used right away.
*If you use too much oil it isn't going to hurt your mixture any, but to make the most of it, you might want to add a little bit of sea salt at a time until there is no longer a pool of oil.(Essential Oils like this can be expensive)

(Cost: I spent over $100.00CAD buying all the ingredients, I purchased the purest and most natural ones I could find for best results-I spend half that now purchasing a brand name salt&oil scrub that is natural, paraben free)

For Mild eczema use once/twice a week.

Severe: I used my home made scrub daily on my son (4yrs)(brand name product every other or third day at first and less now that I use it regularly) in the bath.
I also made sure only to use soaps and shampoos that were formulated for eczema specifically, and used them before I used the eczema scrub.

The best way to live with Eczema is to stay moisturized, maintain your skins oils, do NOT use soaps/shampoos with foaming agents whenever possible. These dry out the skin and cause even more irritation and damage to the skin.

Exfoliating your skin once a week helps remove dead skin and loose skin allowing you to treat the new skin underneath it. This is very helpful in relieving itchiness because the dead skin isn't rubbing against the new skin underneath.

Essential oils help moisturize and heal the skin cells and soothe the irritations, improving the condition rather than treating one symptom. They also relieve itching.

Sea Salts exfoliate, but also have minerals in them to help promote oxygenation in the skin and healing.

Bonus: Instant house hold cupboard scrub
-half a cup of milk or cream
-1/2 cup of real butter
-2 tbl spoons of olive oil(sunflower oil or if your in a jam vegetable oil)
-Baby oil infused with aloe vera is a great thing to keep around the house
Add a couple tbl spoons to you mixture
-Half a large orange squeezed
-2 tbl spoons of honey
-sea salt(regular salt can sting any open wounds-be careful)
-No sea salt/salt, try clean sand, or some mud(don't do this if you are in a highly polluted area like near a factory or chemical plant, or if a dog or cat regularly use the are as a bathroom)
*mix it all together and scrub away!

play with the mixtures until you figure out the perfect balance of ingredients that is just right for you. :)

I really hope these 2 natural home remedies help, they actually work, also very good for acne treatment, and if you want info about the brand name product I now use that is the A+++++ version of my Home Made Eczema Scrub I'd be happy to tell you about it personally.

Just trying to help sufferers like me,

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Why can't you give us your A++++++ products name here. if you want to help.


What are you selling? Trying to make money on this horrible skin condition?


What a joke... you don't have to provide a link. Sharing the name of the product would have been much more helpful!


Thank you for the advice Melissa! i am 13 years old with severe eczema covering my entire body. I have countless scars and it's very difficult to live like a normal person as i always need to cover up my body even on hot days. I can't even go swimming!!!
I'll put your instructions to good use.
Thank you!


Help eczema suffers like you for a profit

To the few stray nay say-ers on here...
I wrote this post. I share the information I have gathered, my trial and errors, I share other products that are beneficial, and describe a routine on how to overcome the discomforts of eczema. I tried to provide a link in my post which was originally deleted off of the website when I first posted it. Therefore I can't just put the link and product on here. I have had so many thank-you e-mails from people I have connected with on this website from Canada, the US, the UK and South America, that they easily out number the few negative comments.
I thank everyone for the wonderful stories and the connections we have all made as parents and sufferers and wish everyone the best.
As always, if anyone has any questions or would like some more information about how I have helped my son overcome his eczema naturally please feel free to write me any time,
Wishing everyone the best in life and to embrace positivity rather than negativity.
*The biggest reason why I enjoy receiving e-mails, is I have the opportunity to connect with others, and push push push the fact that treating eczema cannot be done naturally with just one good product, it is a whole life-style change.*
I appreciate those who have chosen to purchase a product through my personal link so much, but at the end of the day, when I check my mail and read the following: 'Melissa! I decided to make my own Salt and Oil scrub and along with some of your other suggestions, my daughter is finally sleeping through the night. It's been two weeks and she is showing significant improvement. Thank you so much for sharing all this information with me. God Bless Your heart.'<-This makes my heart skip a beat.
As always, if anyone has any questions or would like some more information about how I have helped my son overcome his eczema naturally please feel free to write me any time,
Wishing everyone the best in life and to embrace positivity rather than negativity.


diet is the most important. look up 'leaky gut syndrome'. this is why us eczema sufferers have to be much more vigilant about our diet. if you fix the inside of the body, your body will repair the outside. get rid of the triggers for the flare ups and you won't need any creams, steriods or other temporary relief products.

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