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For hurting teeth where there is a break or a cavity which is exposing a nerve, relief may be had by first cleaning, brushing, flossing, rinsing the area well and then making a 'temporary filling' out of dental grade zinc oxide powder and clove bud oil.

Mix the powder and oil into a firm paste with a small tool (like a popsicle stick)in a small clean container, (like a shot glass), then carefully press an ample amount into tooth, avoid using too much-it's a bit yucky to get all over the mouth. It should still the worst of the pain...try to avoid knocking it lose by not chewing directly on new will harden a bit, but not like epoxy...but with care may stay in place for days, and can be redone if necessary.

Zinc oxide can be mildly toxic (messes up copper levels) if ingested in quantity over a long time...which can possibly be offset by additional copper intake.

Clove bud oil also 'burns' a bit-especially in sensitive places-keep out of the eyes especially!

Both items can be found online. The zinc oxide a little rare in USA, but fairly common in the UK.

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