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I had an abscess over my wisdom tooth and couldn't bite down without biting it. I read in this forum that Sensodyne toothpaste might help. It did. Within 10 minutes the abscess was gone completely.

I had previously tried Orogel, hot salt water, brushing vigorously and Listerine.

Sensodyne worked almost immediately.

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I have done the Sensodyne toothpaste treatment before and I'm sorry to say that while this does work it's only temporary. When I first got my abscess tooth I didn't have a clue what was wrong. Already using Sensodyne toothpaste for sensitive teeth the abscess lasted for only a day BUT then it returned a month latter much worse. It took longer to go away and returned faster the next time, sadly now it won't leave. The Sensodyne helps but it only a temporary fix.

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