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PANIC! My strictly indoor cat somehow became a host for the dreading F word... Fleas. I was hysterical, I just finished school to become a phlebotomist and recently moved out of my parents house so in other words I am broke. I was glancing at home remedies online trying to see what seemed like the best way to rid my baby of fleas. It seemed that dawn was the best way without making her smell like a foot. I got into a rage against those bloodsuckers (if anyone is to be a 'vampire' in my house it's me), grabbed my bottle of blue dawn dish soap, and started for my cat with a wet washcloth. I wiped her down with the wet towel and a small drop of dawn that I started working into a lather. At first she HATED it but once she realized that the fleas were literally dying before my eyes before they had time to run or jump from her body, she loved it. My cat actually licked me as I cleaned her and willingly put her front paws on my shoulder to expose her belly. I read to leave it on for 5 minutes but in all honesty I lathered her up and rinsed her off immediately about 3 times. I'm still going to pick up a prescription flea killer for in the future but my cat is back to her normal self and flea free. Although be patient with your cat or dog, my cat is a lover and she was not thrilled when I rubbed her scabs thoroughly since she was sore in those areas.

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This is the best flea killer you can possibly ever use...Plus it usually kills anything that crawls on, or in your carpet! I would suggest wearing socks because it can be drying but is non-toxic to humans and pets. The vet I used to work for gave this recipe to his clients for free so they wouldn't have to pay the high cost flea busters charged to treat your home with simular products and the same results. Just as a precaution, I suggest wetting a piece of carpet and doing a test spot somewhere not noticeable. I however have never heard of someone having an issue with it hurting anything!

Thoroughly vacum your carpets, couches, and wash pet bedding. Then in a 5 gallon bucket, mix equal parts of 20 Mule Team Borax (target or walmart in the laundry dept)with plain table salt. Apply an even coating to your carpet by hand, making sure you get behind the couch, etc. Then very quickly brush over the treated area with a broom. Let sit one to two days before you vacum, so that it has a chance to work under the padding. It usually takes up to 6 wks to kill a complete cycle of fleas because it kills in the adult and larvae stages. Once all eggs have hatched, the fleas will die quickly before they have any chance to lay eggs. It also last usually up to one yr, or until you clean your carpets!


Thank you for the suggestion! When I picked up some Revolution from her vet for the long term, they gave me a coupon for a company that guarantees no fleas for a year known as FleaBusters. I think since I have the coupon that I am going to use the company for now but that is a great idea that I need to keep in mind.

Anna Denys

Hi I live in Australia and I have just bought a new puppy. We are having trouble with her scratching. I have taken her to the vet already twice and she is still scratching. It is driving her crazy. I found this site and it has been very helpful. I am very interested in getting some of this Dawn liquid detergent to bathe her in but I can not get it here in Australia. Can someone please HELP ME to get some. I tried buying on line but they wont ship it to Australia. I have also made a solution with Apple Cider vinegar and lemon and have been spraying her coat, it has given her some relief but I would still like to try the Dawn Liquid to wash her in.

Going Crazy

DAWN is great for a lot of things, However it may be a bit strong for your pet. Cat/Dog skin is not like human skin at all. It can be very aggressive and actually harm the pet more then do good. So if you do use it use the regular type without the degreasers and other chemicals. I know this sounds like, Why bother at all then. Well Any soap will kill fleas you just need to be careful with your pet. I have an inside only cat he is just three. I recently found out he has fleas. I lost my mind. I had a cat for 12 years without him ever getting fleas. Now I am going through hell as is he. The poor thing is scratching. Took him to the vet, They sold me simple guard. They gave him a hydrocortisone shot. For the first few days everything seemed to get better. Then yesterday as I have been doing everyday since I found out I have been combing him with a flea comb and found a couple on him. I have vacuumed, Sprayed the entire home, Got rid of all his toys, His tower and even chucked the vacuums. yet I still have the dam things. I just called the vet to see what else I can do.


Actually dawn dish soap does NOT kill the 4 stages of fleas all it does is stun the flea making them seem dead and easy to rinse/brush off your animal untill the eggs hatch and the fleas are in noticed untill they are big enough for you to see and your dog to notice the bites. You'd be just as well putting any other 'latherable' soap on your animal to rid of the fleas for a time being.


I have wood floors. Does this work the same
On wood floors as it does carpet?


For wood floors my Dad dusted plain table salt all over his house and left it for 3 days. He was infested in the beginning but after the three days he swept up the salt and we haven't seen a flea since.


Dawn dishwashing liquid is waaaay too harsh to be using on animals!!! I see a lot of you still insist on using the very harmful pesticides such as Advantix.....any of those topical treatments are deadly. Research this stuff before you destroy your pets....such a shame what we put our pets through.


If the Dawn works so great.. why bother to buy a 'chemical' flea killer?

Pittie lover

Dawn dish soap works wonders on animals, it isn't bad for them. I'm a vet assistant. It works wonders on baby animals bc other stuff is to strong for them. And people have you ever seen there commercials they wash baby animals n other animals with it. To get fleas out of your house you can go to the pet store and get a flea bomb and/ or clean your carpets. Fleas love carpet bc they can lay there eggs in it.

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