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Yeast infections - Sit in a tub of warm water about hip deep for 20 minutes using 1 cup salt (base)and 1 cup vinegar (acid). This will bring the ph of the vagina to 4.5.

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burning in atl

My yeast was extremely irritated and itching, after doing this remedy, everything calmed and i'm SOOOOO happy.I was afraid it would get worse but everything feels great.Thank You very much!!!!!


this only makes the itching worse. i suggest not trying this at all


I read on another site to make sure that the bath is warm like it says here, not hot. Hot will supposedly irritate the yeast and make you more itchy. I didn't realize that when it says warm, it means warm, and tried a hot bath. But warm works!


I once read that taking baths is actually a cause of yeast infection because water can become trapped in your vagina causing a breeding ground for the bacteria that cause yeast.


This really works to sooth the itching and inflamation of the yeast. After, I dabbed ACV/H2O on tissue on outer area, which helped with this area as well. I drank 2TBSP of ACV & glass of H2O and again at bedtime, which also helped calm and made my sypmtoms ease.


what is ACV


Apple Cider Vinegar?


My Mom has used Apple Cider Vinegar or either type all her married life as a douche after sex & has NEVER had a yeast infection! She swears by it. I've had several, but I didn't listen to Mom.


This works great! I recently did this during a yeast infection, the first in years and it was immediately soothing. The itching/burning feeling was gone. I still had to treat the yeast infection, but at least I wasn't scratin' and a diggin' at my burning crotch. LOL THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!

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